Hi! My name is Pantaleone Gregorio Greto (a.k.a Panti G. or Jhon Shdow) and i'm a musician... my musical life started with the passion for djing and in fact i've done the work of a Dj for various years (almost 10 years) and, in the meantime, my passion for music lead me to start and study this discipline. I don't have actually a well defined genre since i like all kinds of music (yes, even classical music) so my goal as a musician is just to express myself and at the same time to entertein others. I'm currently working at my first album as a solo artst so you can expect a news section on this website for everyone to see. If you want to contact me you can use info @ thisisjhon . net or you can use webform in the contact section


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the new single

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